Melissa Cook

The Call of the

Last Frontier

The True Story of a Woman's 20-Year

Alaska Adventure

In 1995, MELISSA COOK and her young family moved to the tiny village of Nelson Lagoon on the Bering Sea and later to the Tongass National Forest on Prince of Wales Island, where they measured rain in feet. Melissa became self-reliant and discovered humor in unique situations found only in the Last Frontier. Her true story includes volcanoes erupting in the backyard, hair-raising bush flights, scary ferry rides, wildlife, and a few odd neighbors sprinkled with tidbits of historical information throughout this riveting tale.

"If you are here in search of an adventure, GO HOME! Alaska is looking for teachers, not adventure seekers," the speaker announced at the Alaska Teacher Job Fair in Anchorage. MELISSA COOK was a teacher looking for a job, but over the next 20 years, adventure arrived on her doorstep daily in this world of few luxuries or conveniences. 


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