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Melissa Cook on KODI radio's Speak Your Piece with host Mac Watson - 2-14-2022

Melissa Cook presentation on Alaska at the Billings, MT library - 1-22-2022

First Virtual Book Signing - 4-8-2022

Melissa Cook 30-Second Promotional Video

Melissa Cook 5-Second Promotional Video

Cody Living Magazine

Feature Article - 6-2022

Melissa Cook on Must Read Alaska podcast (starts 30 secs in) - 6-30-2022

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Melissa Cook on KODI radio's PartyLine with host Andrew Rossi - 1-17-2022

"Alaska Fog" by Elgin Cook

Melissa's Interview on Thriving Over Surviving with Edie Sohigian

Episode 92 - Living An Adventurous Life With Multiple Sclerosis

November 1, 2022

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Thriving Over Surviving Podcast






Melissa Cook on Cure Talks Panel discussing precision medicine.

Melissa Cook as Dragon Claw Guest presenting Alaska and her MS Story.

Melissa Cook - Multiple Sclerosis News Today Article - 1-11-2023

Melissa Cook - The Classic Survivalist Interview - 1-15-2023

Melissa Cook Newspaper Article

Ketchikan Daily News - April 22-23, 2023

Melissa Cook - New Faces of MS—3-23-2023

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Melissa Cook - UW AG News—6-27-2023

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Melissa Cook on Alaska Journey podcast - 6-30-2022