Melissa Cook

“This book helped me live adventures I'll never have but desperately want.”

—Aaron Linsdau, Polar Explorer, Best-selling of Author of Antarctic Tears

“A well-written and accurate description of the raw edge of Alaska… A phenomenal read with a goosebump ending.”

—Larry Kaniut, Best-selling Author of the Alaska Bear Tales Series

“An inspiring story of strength and grit that conveys a deep connection to this wild place.”

—Ann Parker, Best-selling Author of Follow Me to Alaska

The Call of the Last Frontier

The True Story of a Woman's Twenty-Year Alaska Adventure

"I went to Alaska for a job and found an adventure!" —Melissa L. Cook

In 1995, schoolteacher Melissa Cook and her young family spent two years in the isolated Aleut village of Nelson Lagoon on the edge of the Bering Sea. They later settled in the Tongass National Forest on Prince of Wales Island, where they measured rain in feet. With humor, vivid detail, and heart-pounding excitement, Melissa recounts her family's day-to-day joys, struggles, and captivating adventures.

Throughout the book, Cook weaves in historical information about Alaska's past, including the Aleut internment camps during WWII, old logging camps in southeast Alaska, and the sinking of the S.S. Princess Sophia in 1918.

For those seeking inspiration to chase their dreams and push beyond their limits, Cook's memoir is a must-read. Her story is a testament to the resilience required to overcome adversity and the power of adventure to transform lives. This tale will surely delight Alaska adventure fans and anyone who has ever dreamed of traveling or living in the Last Frontier.

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